Household Bin Delivery and Collection

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  1. Please use this form to request the delivery, exchange or removal of household Derby City Council bins.

    For Garden Waste (Brown Bin) deliveries please use this form.

    This form should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete.

    Most homes will receive a standard service which comprises a standard black (waste) and blue (recycling) bin⁺. You are able to request an extra recycling bin, or under certain circumstances you may be able to request a larger black bin. To request this, please fully complete the form to help us decide if your household meets the criteria. If you struggle to manage a standard bin, you can request this is exchanged for a smaller bin.

    ⁺ Not all areas of the city receive blue bin collections. If your road doesn’t receive the service, you may be able to request an orange bag for paper/cardboard recycling.

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