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  1. You can use this form to report needles and drug litter to us. However, any reports taken out of normal working hours will be picked up the following working day. We will respond to reports of discarded needles as an urgent priority.
  2. *** Please note *** If your report is out of normal working hours but urgent and needs picking up quickly you can ring the Streetpride line on 0333 200 6981 and choose Option 1 for Street Cleaning, then Option 2 for Needles to contact our Out of Hours team.
  3. If the needles are on private property, are not visible or easily accessible, we will remove the needles but there will be a charge.
  4. Any information requested with a red star must be completed before you can move to the next page or fully complete the form
  5. We need to know if the needles are in an easy to reach place as this is an immediate danger and we will prioritise removal of these needles
  6. * Are the needles in an accessible location or hidden away?
  7. It helps us to prepare for removing the needles if you let us know how many needles there are, if you're not sure, please estimate how many
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